Now come one, come all to this tragic affair----

Welcome to Nightmares & Daydreams. A modern day rp that takes place in a psychiatric hospital.

You were thrown in here for one reason or another. Dumped in this hellhole they call Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital, or actually more commonly known as the local loony bin of California. When you think "psychiatric hospital" or "mental institution" I'm sure the first thing you think are those scary asylums they have in the movies with bright white lights everywhere and people in straight jackets not talking to each other.

I guess in a way Daniel Grey is like that in the sense that a lot of the walls and floors here are a bright white. But there aren't any people in straight jackets and a lot of the people here talk to each other. Actually the patients here are friendly in most cases, save for the few that are anti-social beyond belief. And they can dress how they want,it's actually quite homey here so don't be afraid when you're dropped off for the first time.

Whether you be a normal human being who decided to work here at Daniel Grey as a therapist or security or an unstable patient you are welcome here, just remember. Lights out at 10 PM and DO NOT step out of your room past midnight.
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Post by Alexander Evans on Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:11 am

I need your broken promises

Alexander had just crawled out from his room, his his in dark unbrushed curls on top of his head. It was obvious he hadn't changed out of his clothes from yesterday, they were all wrinkled and ruffled and quite messy probably from where he'd slept in them. It wasn't often that he slept well, but the previous night was the best night of rest he'd had in a while. He'd fallen aseep at around 11:00 PM and it was now 6:00 AM. That gave him 8 hours of sleep, a new personal record.

Typically Alexander would not leave his room looking so messy, his OCD simply would not let him but he was planning on just dropping by the cafeteria to get some breakfast before retreating back to his room for a few more minuets until the bulk of the patients woke up. However, loud and very distinctive sobs brought him to the hallway, where he now stood above Adrian and his most recent roommate Spencer, both crying, both seeming to try and comfort each other.

"Hello" he said, making his presence known. He squatted down so he was balanced on the front parts of his shoes, crouched near the two men. "Would you two like to join me in my apartment? I mean i don't mean to sound rude but you crying here in the halls might frighten other patients." As he said the last part he focused mainly on Adrian, Spencer wasn't the one crying loudly. It was Adrian and Alexander knew that. "Maybe we can talk about what's made you so upset?" He rubbed his face and sighed. He hated seeming this fake, but no matter what method he did Adrian wouldn't listen so he was trying to take the nice approach.

"And if you haven't have breakfast yet I could try and whip you up something better than the horrid cafeteria food." He managed a forced smile and grabbed both of the patient's by their hands, pulling them up with him as he stood. Of course he was prepared for Adrian to struggle so he kept an extra tight grip on him, but he was unsure about Spencer and he didn't want him to freak out so he didn't pull him down the hall, he would give him the choice unlike Adrian who literally just lived to be stubborn. He stood still, Adrian's hand gripped tightly still by his own even though the man had stopped struggling. "Are you going to join us Spencer?" Although he asked as if it was a question, he certainly implied he wanted Spencer to join him.
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Post by Adrian Clark on Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:23 am

Adrian could hear Spencer through his sobs but he ignored him, how could it NOT be his fault? He'd taken the marker away from him and it let the demons get him. It was so obvious now that black ink is a good tool to repel demons, which gives him even more reason to write on things more often. "Adrian, It's not your fault, it's mine. I caused it. I shouldn't have said those things," Spencer said and Adrian looked up, wiping his face with his hand. "What did you say?" he said softly in a shaking voice. He knew not to say things to them that they didn't like. If they told you to steal something you do it without question or you get hurt even worse. Even if they were to tell Adrian to kill himself he'd probably do it, they get terrifying when they're disobeyed. They aren't like the staff here who just get frustrated, they get violent. Terribly violent.

"Hello" Adrian shoved his face back between Spencer's neck and shoulder, hearing that annoying voice made him wanna just shrink away. What a perfect time it was for Dr. Bossypants to start getting nosy. "Would you two like to join me in my apartment? I mean i don't mean to sound rude but you crying here in the halls might frighten other patients."

"No" Adrian growled in reply, still crying into Spencer's shoulder. "Just leave me alone." Of course Alexander didn't listen though, he never does. "Maybe we can talk about what's made you so upset?"

"I don't wanna" he replied in a little less harsh of a tone, and a little more of a terrified one. But before he knew it Alexander had grabbed his hand firmly and pulled him up. Adrian quickly used his hand to wipe he eyes again and sniffle, trying to stop crying only to start again. "Let go of me!" Adiran huffed out and pulled away from Alexander, but of course he was not as strong as the taller and older man. "I'm telling someone you're being mean to me!" Adrian struggled and pulled away from the therapist for a bit longer before he grew tired and reluctantly sat still, his hand being death gripped.

"Are you going to join us Spencer?" he asked and Adrian glanced up at him, then over to Spencer, almost pleading Spencer through just looking at him. He couldn't go alone, if the demons hurt Spencer they were still lurking around, if they split up one of them might get hurt pretty badly and Adrian didn't want that.

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Post by Spencer on Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:51 pm

"What did you say?" Adrian asked through sobs.

He'd said too much. Victor would probably be angry for telling Adrian as much as he did. As much as he wished he could tell Adrian what happened, he couldn't. Oh how he longed to tell him. Spencer stayed quiet after Adrian's question. He had begun to slow his stream of tears for a moment, and was just reminded of the events that just transpired. The crying made his head pound in addition to the soreness of his confrontation with Victor.

"Hello," an unfamiliar voice spoke from above Spencer, causing him to look up. It was an official looking man he'd seen once or twice around the hospital. Adrian pressed his head into Spencer's shoulder, obviously not happy to hear the man's voice.

"Would you two like to join me in my apartment? I mean i don't mean to sound rude but you crying here in the halls might frighten other patients." the man stated. Spencer was positive he was a doctor or a therapist or something.

"No, Just leave me alone." Adrian said angrily, still crying into Spencer's shoulder. Based on Adrian's reaction, Spencer assumed his friend knew the guy. Was it Dr. Evans, the therapist Adrian didn't like?

"Maybe we can talk about what's made you so upset?" the man offered. Spencer looked up at him fearfully and shook his head. There was no way he was going to talk about Victor to some stranger.

"I don't wanna" Adrian replied, a little less harshly. The man grasped Spencer's and Adrian's hands and helped them up. Spencer got up slowly, his stomach sore and his head pounding. He was pretty much done crying, and attempted to wipe away the tear stains on his cheek.

"Let go of me!" Adrian said, pulling away the man, "I'm telling someone you're being mean to me!" Adrian attempted once more to escape from the man's grasp, then stood quietly, looking defeated. Yep, the man was definitely Dr. Evans.

"Are you going to join us Spencer?" he asked. Adrian looked up at the doctor, then back at Spencer. Adrian gave Spencer a pleading look, and Spencer nodded quickly. He then followed the two to Dr. Evan's apartment.
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