Now come one, come all to this tragic affair----

Welcome to Nightmares & Daydreams. A modern day rp that takes place in a psychiatric hospital.

You were thrown in here for one reason or another. Dumped in this hellhole they call Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital, or actually more commonly known as the local loony bin of California. When you think "psychiatric hospital" or "mental institution" I'm sure the first thing you think are those scary asylums they have in the movies with bright white lights everywhere and people in straight jackets not talking to each other.

I guess in a way Daniel Grey is like that in the sense that a lot of the walls and floors here are a bright white. But there aren't any people in straight jackets and a lot of the people here talk to each other. Actually the patients here are friendly in most cases, save for the few that are anti-social beyond belief. And they can dress how they want,it's actually quite homey here so don't be afraid when you're dropped off for the first time.

Whether you be a normal human being who decided to work here at Daniel Grey as a therapist or security or an unstable patient you are welcome here, just remember. Lights out at 10 PM and DO NOT step out of your room past midnight.
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Time and Date

11:30 AM
Head Count
Therapists- 2
Mental Health Professionals- 1
Security- 1
Interns- 1
Rehabilitation Counselors- 1
Daniel Grey Staff

Dr. Evans
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Dr. Carthur
Moon Watchers {Realistic Wolf RP} 10-48
Moon Watchers {Realistic Wolf RP} 12-0
Moon Watchers {Realistic Wolf RP} 15-47
Dr. Elizabeth



Night of the Blood Moon

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Moon Watchers {Realistic Wolf RP} Empty Moon Watchers {Realistic Wolf RP}

Post by _Aphrodite Elizabeth on Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:27 pm

Moon Watchers {Realistic Wolf RP} Wolf_elk1
The land began as one, no fighting, no packs, no bloodshed. All wolves worked together, calming. There were many kinds, some kept others in check, some simply romped, some protected the younger ones. They lived in a large cave system within a mountain, and this worked well. The looping tunnels and darkness proved to protect the packs. Anyone who wished to join were welcome to, but they had to be under watch. It was a simple time, a time of peace. All was well, and it lasted for generations upon generations. Traditions were passed down through practice and word of mouth, And often more than not turned into a good story for young ones.
It remained calm for generations, until eventually, fights began to break out. Some wolves wanted to keep order, and some wanted it to keep the caves how it was, and some simply gazed on in silence. Eventually the fights turned into battles, teeth and claws barred. Most of the fighting ended in small amounts of bloodshed, and this lead to a few stains on the walls. The larger wolfs slammed one another into the walls, and caused the keepers of the pups to move deeper into the tunnels. Others moved outside more, and others began to look at the mountain with curiosity. But each night all of the wolves would return, and fights began again.
On one fight, three wolves, some of the older ones, broke into a dispute. Each had a different view. "Order must remain," Cried one. "Calmness has gotten us here," Spoke another. And the last simply tried to calm the two. But a fight broke out, and they began to slam one another into the walls. From all of the fighting before, the walls were weakened. It caused the very stone of the mountains to grow unstable and tired, and a cave in occured. This killed all three wolves, and began to cause more havoc. The fighting escalated, before the once large pack split into three different ones. Each going to a different area. The calmer ones moved, and called themselves 'Essence.' The Stricter ones moved and dubbed themselves 'Moonstone'. The silent, watching pack moved into the mountains, no information has been heard from them. Most think they died on the way up.
Now the packs are arch rivals, lead by the creators of them. 'Peace' reins for now, but that remains to be seen if it will stay.
Do you have what it takes? Join us at : http://moon-watchers.webs.com/

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Post by Alexander Evans on Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:41 pm

Cant link back without registering, i'd like to ask if maybe you could fix that?

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Post by Aphrodite on Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:35 pm

Yes, this has now been corrected.


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