Now come one, come all to this tragic affair----

Welcome to Nightmares & Daydreams. A modern day rp that takes place in a psychiatric hospital.

You were thrown in here for one reason or another. Dumped in this hellhole they call Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital, or actually more commonly known as the local loony bin of California. When you think "psychiatric hospital" or "mental institution" I'm sure the first thing you think are those scary asylums they have in the movies with bright white lights everywhere and people in straight jackets not talking to each other.

I guess in a way Daniel Grey is like that in the sense that a lot of the walls and floors here are a bright white. But there aren't any people in straight jackets and a lot of the people here talk to each other. Actually the patients here are friendly in most cases, save for the few that are anti-social beyond belief. And they can dress how they want,it's actually quite homey here so don't be afraid when you're dropped off for the first time.

Whether you be a normal human being who decided to work here at Daniel Grey as a therapist or security or an unstable patient you are welcome here, just remember. Lights out at 10 PM and DO NOT step out of your room past midnight.
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11:30 AM
Head Count
Therapists- 2
Mental Health Professionals- 1
Security- 1
Interns- 1
Rehabilitation Counselors- 1
Daniel Grey Staff

Dr. Evans
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Dr. Carthur
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Dr. Elizabeth



Night of the Blood Moon

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Aphrodite Elizabeth Byrnes{Completed}

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Post by _Aphrodite Elizabeth on Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:22 pm

Aphrodite Elizabeth Byrnes

Aphrodite Elizabeth Byrnes{Completed} 03
It was a lie when they smiled
And said, "you won't feel a thing"
Character Name: Aphrodite Elizabeth Byrnes
Nickname(s): Name(s) Aphrodite
Age: 23
Birthdate: July 22, 1990
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Face Claim: Carrie Underwood

And as we ran from the cops
We laughed so hard it would sting


    Aphrodite stands about 5'3. She has hazelish colored eyes that can look green depending on the lighting she is in. She has natural brown hair, but it usually appears to be a dirty blonde, since she dyes it and her roots peek out. It's a little longer than her shoulder blades, usually ending toward the small of her back. Her skin is a basic tan, not too tan and not too pale, right in between. Normally, she has a faint bit of eye liner and mascara on and the basic skin tones. But, besides that, she's mostly natural. When it comes to her wardrobe, she is very proper. She always tends to cover up her body, never revealing anything.


    Aphrodite is your average young woman, but with a twist. She has sides that depend on who she is around and how she is feeling. For the most of the time, she is laid back and calm. When it comes to the people she loves and cares about, she can be the sweetest person on the earth. She is very sympathetic, and all ears to someone in need. She can be very protective if she feels that they are in danger or being threatened, or simply someone making harsh jokes. To people she dislikes, Aphrodite can come off to be a whole different person. She can be snappy, loud mouthed, and flat out rude. But, she doesn't hold grudges and it won't be too hard to keep on her good side. That is unless you're a two faced little prick, who runs their mouth everywhere. Overall, she is a caring soul, and will do her best for those in need. She is a good go to person if someone needs to talk, but not so good if you want the latest gossip or to trash talk some people. She grew up under good wings and can be considered a 'goody two shoes' but you would never think it. She is not even close to arrogant or full of herself. She won't brag about anything she wears, her makeup, or judge anyone else. It's just simply not in her nature.

You're just a sad song with nothing to say
About a life long wait for a hospital stay


  • Singing
    Open minded people
    Helping those in need

Judging by appearance or disabilities
Using sob stories to gain attention
Bad Odor
Being alone
The dark
Calm composure
Can be overemotional

And if you think that I'm wrong,
This never meant nothing to ya



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_Aphrodite Elizabeth
_Aphrodite Elizabeth

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Post by Alexander Evans on Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:40 pm

CONGRATULATIONS, Miss Byrnes. After reading
over your application I have come to the conclusion
you should fit in fine at Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital. You
may choose your room and get situated in your office. A full day
here at Daniel Grey will start for you on Monday September
16, 2013.

Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital Staff

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Alexander Evans
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