Now come one, come all to this tragic affair----

Welcome to Nightmares & Daydreams. A modern day rp that takes place in a psychiatric hospital.

You were thrown in here for one reason or another. Dumped in this hellhole they call Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital, or actually more commonly known as the local loony bin of California. When you think "psychiatric hospital" or "mental institution" I'm sure the first thing you think are those scary asylums they have in the movies with bright white lights everywhere and people in straight jackets not talking to each other.

I guess in a way Daniel Grey is like that in the sense that a lot of the walls and floors here are a bright white. But there aren't any people in straight jackets and a lot of the people here talk to each other. Actually the patients here are friendly in most cases, save for the few that are anti-social beyond belief. And they can dress how they want,it's actually quite homey here so don't be afraid when you're dropped off for the first time.

Whether you be a normal human being who decided to work here at Daniel Grey as a therapist or security or an unstable patient you are welcome here, just remember. Lights out at 10 PM and DO NOT step out of your room past midnight.
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Post by Alexander Evans on Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:57 pm

Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital
Code of Conduct
No matter the age, all patients are to respect all the staff (including the interns which are often a bit younger) to the best of their ability. It is understandable that some of our patients may suffer from disorders that cause them to not react well with others but it is important to try our best to keep them in line while also not upsetting them as a lot of the time it simply isn't in the patients control of how they act towards others.

There will be in no way any permission for a patient to harass or mock a fellow patient. There are many patients with less severe disorders and it is not a rare thing to find them mocking or harassing a patient with perhaps a more complex disorder or a disorder they don't quite understand. Of course there are some misunderstandings as this is a mental hospital (though one of the best and most advanced hospitals) there are often times when a patient accidentally upsets  another. Small comments can often set off our more sensitive and over-emotional patients.

It is forbidden for any patient to lie to a staff member, as we are only trying to help. This rule applies mainly to the therapists and counselors as well as nurses. If a patient lies about something going on in their life then it could end up bad. We can never completely ensure that a patient is telling the truth and we cannot pry the truth out of them if it is emotionally painful for them to say, only hope for the best.

No patient should handle a weapon of any sort. This includes bats, pipes, sharp objects, guns, or any other harmful objects. Any patients who do carry a weapon will be put in solitary for at most 4 days. This goes the same for unsubscribed medication.

Dress Code
As said before we are flexible and allow patients to wear what they please to some extent. Female's are not allowed to wear any revealing clothing, this means no shirts that show cleavage and shorts and skirts must go down past her finger tips. No patient (males and females) should wear tank tops or muscle shirts and there should be no tight clothes. Boys are not permitted to sag their pants or wear any gang related items (bandanas and such). There are member in the institute who are younger than 18 (the youngest a patient can be to be enrolled at DG is 15) so there are to be no shirts with inappropriate content or curse words on them. Lastly there are no ties or belts allowed as it is a safety hazard to some suicidal patients. Items of clothing or accessories with spikes, safety pins, or chains, including wallet chains, are prohibited. Clothing or any attachments to clothing that could be covered weapons are not allowed.

Group Therapy Session Rules
All patients should report to group therapy with Dr. Evans every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday no later than 11:00 AM unless excused for personal or health reasons. During Group Therapy it is expected to never judge a patient on what they have said, you may however give helpful feedback.  You are not required to speak during group therapy but if you have nothing to say please sit quietly until the end of the session. Group therapy will be located on inner part of the hospital on the hallway nearest to the lunch room, room 105.

Visiting Hours
Visiting hours are on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Visitors are allowed anywhere in the hospital though the main visiting areas are the lunch room and the lobby. It is understandable for people to have loved ones visit them and perhaps bring them things from the outside world, a book or perhaps the newspaper or a little toy thought they are should keep in mind there should be nothing dangerous in anyway brought to the hospital. This means any toys with sharp points or small objects that patients may be able to choke themselves with are not allowed.

Room Visitations
We do allow patients in each other rooms if they are not roomed together however the door must always be open if it is a patient of the opposite sex. This is of course to avoid having anything sexual happening. We will also allow patients of the same sex to spend nights over in each other's rooms as long as they follow the basic rules and no fights break loose. If a patient gets into a fight while someone is visiting their room they will be be banned from room visitations until two weeks later. Room visiting ends at 6:00 PM (unless they are spending the night.)

Room Decor
Patients are encouraged to bring personal effects to make their rooms comfortable. However, the hospital does not allow any personal effects of a graphic nature. This includes semi-nude or nude photography, posters, or images; depictions of violence real, imaginary or implied; diagrams, pictures or drawings of weapons, drugs, or drug paraphernalia; anything that depicts self mutilation or encourages suicidal, aggressive or lewd thoughts and/or behaviors.

Club Days
Club days come around every other Friday and is just a little activity that allows patients to get together with patients of similar interests. Club Days also allow a little more freedom. If a club is dedicated to watching anime then without hesitation the patients will be allowed to watch it, as long as it doesn't have extreme nudity. Each club is ran by a staff member so as long as there are enough staff members clubs will go on. Clubs however are only early in the morning, starting at 6 AM and running through to 7:30 AM.  

Room Arrangements
Those who attend Daniel Grey are allowed to share rooms, but only to some extent. Roommates can only be of the same gender, males with males and females with females. Objects that can be used to harm other patients or the patients themselves or food are not allowed in rooms. It is not mandatory that rooms must be shared between patients at Daniel Grey, some patients unable to be in the company of others. For others though, having a roommate be beneficial. Roommates can only become roommates if both patients agree.
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