Now come one, come all to this tragic affair----

Welcome to Nightmares & Daydreams. A modern day rp that takes place in a psychiatric hospital.

You were thrown in here for one reason or another. Dumped in this hellhole they call Daniel Grey Psychiatric Hospital, or actually more commonly known as the local loony bin of California. When you think "psychiatric hospital" or "mental institution" I'm sure the first thing you think are those scary asylums they have in the movies with bright white lights everywhere and people in straight jackets not talking to each other.

I guess in a way Daniel Grey is like that in the sense that a lot of the walls and floors here are a bright white. But there aren't any people in straight jackets and a lot of the people here talk to each other. Actually the patients here are friendly in most cases, save for the few that are anti-social beyond belief. And they can dress how they want,it's actually quite homey here so don't be afraid when you're dropped off for the first time.

Whether you be a normal human being who decided to work here at Daniel Grey as a therapist or security or an unstable patient you are welcome here, just remember. Lights out at 10 PM and DO NOT step out of your room past midnight.
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11:30 AM
Head Count
Therapists- 2
Mental Health Professionals- 1
Security- 1
Interns- 1
Rehabilitation Counselors- 1
Daniel Grey Staff

Dr. Evans
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Dr. Carthur
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Dr. Elizabeth



Night of the Blood Moon

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Outside Therapy

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Outside Therapy Empty Outside Therapy

Post by Alexander Evans on Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:29 pm

Outside Therapy
Outside Therapy 2007-130
On some days one of the therapists may decide it would be better for some fresh air, this is where they'd come. Located in he back of the hospital this little panel branches off into a garden area. In circle are plastic green chairs where patients and a therapist can sit for group therapy and there are even smaller little tables for perhaps two patients to just sit and talk or a patient and an intern.

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Outside Therapy Empty Some Time Of Bad Thoughts

Post by Nolan on Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:49 pm

Nolan was having a not so fine day. Some of the forbidden thoughts were coming back to bug him and it was really hard not to give in again. He wasn't really feeling like talking much or doing anything.

So he was just lying on the ground, the soft green grass mildly poking through the thin fabric of his black t-shirt. 
Eyes closed and oblivious to the world around, Nolan pondered on his old past days and what he'd missed out on life. He missed his days at the skating rink and stables. His horse Dandy and all the rehab pets. 
Yeah, he had a dog, something collie like, as a pet to help deal with his fears and self-harming tendencies by taking care of someone with unconditional love. And as miraculously it seemed to him it actually worked. And he got a friend whom to trust and talk to without fear to get into anyone's gossip rounds or something. 

What Daniel-Nolan wasn't expecting was that nothing last forever, animals especially. 
And there he was, alone with his still suicidal thoughts and dark mood. 

Well today was fairly okay. At least he had been able to not communicate much, which was good because there still was some aggression left. And now he was once again hiding. 
In plain sight it might be but nobody had to know about that tree. Or what happened to the small pile of unnoticed rocks at the far end, under the bushes. No that was his own trouble.

It took few more minutes for another thing to materialize in Dan's mind. The mind that had been so tormented that had made him to try and get rid of such thing. And not in the most gentle way.  
But, before his thoughts managed to crawl into that dark, scary place again, a sharp ache made it's presence known. Yeah, he once again managed to skip his meds, not that he liked pain so much, but today he was welcoming the pain. Just like after the fall number one. Back then Dan felt so broken that once could move he sneaked outside and hid into a tree, high up above ground and slept on a wide branch while everybody was going mad in frantic search. But he didn't care. It all was meaningless to him and his another loss of life. 

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